1. a building joined to or associated with a main building, providing additional space or accommodations.



1. the act or process of delivering a product (such as a to a customer

Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

Custom Solutions

We play nicely with your current business model or shopping cart. Or let Annex develop a custom solution from the ground up to fulfill your business needs.

Scalable Warehousing

Start small and we can scale with you. Annex is constantly adding technology and warehouse infrastructure to keep up with the growing demand for fast paced fulfillment.

Dedicated Customer Service

Let Annex handle your customer service, returns, exchanges. Each account will be teamed up with the right customer service representative that will be knowledgeable in your product.

Global Shipping

Annex offers global shipping within the heart of Portland Oregon. With years of experience we get your product out efficiently and fast with many courier, freight and shipping options.

Super simple pricing
that scales with your monthly usage

Start Up



Monthly Orders

50 - 249 orders

250 - 499 orders

500+ orders

Order Fee

$3.00 /per order

$2.75 /per order

$2.50 /per order

Base Fee*

$150 /mo

$0 /mo

$0 /mo

SKU Fee*

$1 /mo

$1 /mo

$.75 /mo

Pick Fee*




Mailer / Box

.50¢ / $1.25

.50¢ / $1.25

.50¢ / $1.25


+ Freight

+ Freight

+ Freight

Base Fee*

Annex Fulfillment would like to enter into a partnership with you. Since our pricing is based on you moving product, we incentivize you to sell. The base fee essentially pays for your first 50 orders. Once beyond 50 orders, you only pay additional order fees, pick fees, monthly SKU fees and actual freight charges.

SKU Fee*

Since not all product is created equal, we simplified the confusion of figuring out cubic feet, meters, etc. Simply take the amount of unique SKUs you have and multiply by $1.00. A unique SKU counts as a Size / Colorway / Design, so if you have a shirt in two colors, and five sizes, that is 10 SKUs. This is averaged per month.

Pick Fee*

The pick fee is simply multipied by how many pieces we pick for your orders Currently, the majority of orders are averaging between one to three products in our market. If you expect to have higher piece counts per order, or you are selling especially small items, this can be negotiated on a per customer basis.

Frequently Asked Quewstions

What type of stores do you integrate with? Currently we integrate with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Amazon. Other stores will be available in the future. monthly SKU fees and actual freight charges.

How do you connect with my store? We connect through your store either through an app or through the API. We require an admin login at all times as a way to double check orders and provide extended services.

How do returns & exchanges work? An email address such as [email protected] will allow us to process exchanges, RA, prepaid return labels.

Do you offer customer service? We can offer customer service for returns, exchanges and customer service, we like to handle through a branded email of your liking.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, We ship USPS and UPS, both domestically and Internationally. You’ll need to set up pricing in youre-commerce store to accommodate international shipping. Depending on the country, some customers may be responsible for taxes and fees.

Annex Fulfillment

Is the new face and building of a historical program based in Portland, Oregon.

You get the knowledge and experience of over 20 years in the business teamed with the technology and support that Annex prides itself on.


Fulfillment Begins

Searching for local fulfillment services in Portland OR, the lack of options drove us to begin our own warehousing and fulfillment


Technological Advancements

Bringing in the latest technology to make logistics easy was what we began doing in 2001 and what we strive to do to this day


Scalable Warehousing

In 2014 we expanded our warehousing square footage into a climate controlled warehouse still in the heart of Portland


Our Customers

You are what will help Annex push our services in convenience, ease of use and speed, we strive for growth in the future

Some awesome companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

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